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Making an Imprint

In the world we are living in today it is highly important that we do not forget in either our personal or our professional life that we need each other! It is tempting in the hurry up and get it done world we live in to often try to do it all on our own. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are doing, we forget about those around us. Often it is easy to forget to say the important things to those near us, such as a word of thanks or encouragement. In our personal lives we forget to say, “I love you!”, enough to those we most care about. We need to make sure those around us never live a day without know how valuable they are to our Team, or our personal lives. One of my thoughts each day is, “How can I make sure I reach out and have a positive impact on someone’s life today”?  

So what brings Rod down this sappy road today you might ask? I recently had the privilege of teaching some leadership principles to a group of slightly more than 50  seventh and eighth graders, and as I was talking with them and they were participating in our discussions, a thought from a book I read came flying back into my mind. In the book, “Win-Win Partnerships”, by Steven Stowell and Matt Starcevich they bring up the fact that in life we should be looking for opportunities to leave our imprint on the lives of those around us. Leaving our imprint is not changing them but leaving a little something with them so that they will always know you were there. This is true whether you are a Leader, Coach, Team Member, Parent, Friend, Sibling, Significant other, etc…. 

As I worked with these young people my mind went to how we were all connecting and sharing. It was with a warm heart I listened to them talk with each other about the topics we shared and how some related to a brief snapshot of my childhood story. Today, the President of Ascend and myself left some imprints on the lives of a group of young people. They will remember bits and pieces of what we said and the activities we shared. Maybe they will not remember everything but, they will remember the positive environment and encouragement we offered them. In reflection, could i be that leaving your positive imprint on someone’s life is what this life is supposed to be about???? Who have you left a positive imprint on today??? Remember, any successful Team or Partnership is all built around a trusting relationship. They don’t care how much you know, until they KNOW how much you care!!!

Until next time, keep leaving your positive imprint on people’s lives!!


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