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If you are interested in how successes and successful people are made, I am here to help! I believe that the journey of success has 4 general ingredients that make the journey possible. The first letter of each of the four words make the acronym, M.A.D.E., see below:

M-Mindset. To be successful in anything one must first have the mindset to think big and out of the box. Success calls for exploring all avenues to reach your goals, no matter how unconventional they may seem. It is important to be open minded and ready to try new things as no one has a lock on total intelligence and creativity! Without an open mind, your success will be limited!

A-Attitude. Nothing can replace having a positive, can-do attitude! However, obtaining this type of attitude is often difficult for most people. Due to the negative slant the World we live in has, combined with the fact that, for what ever reason it is, we often find it our second nature to jump to a negative thought before we do a positive one. Negativity is so ingrained in our mind that studies show it takes 5 or more positive inputs to erase just 1 negative input. Astounding! So why not start today to retrain yourself, and apply a can do, positive attitude to all you attempt during your day!

D-Direction. It is always best to know where you are going, that way you will know when you have arrived! When setting out in life or on a project it is valuable to begin with the end result in mind and then you have a direction that you can follow right to the doorstep of success! Think about it this way: If you are going on a journey to a destination, which is more useful to have, a compass or a clock? You may make really good time, but it that won’t matter if you never arrive at where you originally wanted to go. Seek the compass and let it guide your footsteps to success! NEVER discount direction in your life.

E-Effort. This seems like a no brainer, but is often the area people lose footing in. Many a great idea has stalled out because someone was afraid to make the effort towards that first step. We can blame all kinds of things for why something doesn’t happen, or why we were unable to be successful in a certain area, but, blame is lame. This is exactly why effort is so crucial in the journey to success. Effort means taking the first step but also taking the second, third, forth and so on. Effort means when a roadblock comes up and it seems there is no way around, you don’t let that stop you. Successful people find ways around, over and through roadblocks. NOTHING will keep them from their goal! They recalculate, reformulate, rethink and reboot to a new and different strategy. We to need to never be deterred on our journey to success!

Until next time, apply this acronym to your life and soon see what a difference it has M.A.D.E.


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