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Levels of Commitment

The 6 Levels of Commitment

       Commitment is a verbal signature of a heart and head process. Lying at the heart of the coaching process, commitment is designed to stir up excitement about possibilities and potential.


The two kinds of Commitment:

  1. Relationship Commitment- A willingness to work with the other person.
  2. Outcome Commitment- A willingness to work on a plan of action


The 6 Levels:


A highly committed person is an “activist” –someone who wants the plan or agreement to succeed. Activists will do whatever is required to make things happen in order to, “pull it off.” Caution needs to be observed as many activists have a tendency to take things too far and actually ruin the synergy of the Team


People who are enrolled are advocates to a degree. They want to achieve the plan, and work very hard to see that it is accomplished. In short, they will be low profile champions.


          Sponsors are supportive; they accept the challenge of the task, and they can visualize the benefits of doing so. They may not spend a lot of extra time and energy on the task, but they will meet the basic expectations and are valued by the group.


Actors go through the motions and make it appear as though they support the plan. Often times, the actor will give “lip service” to the task, but real action and commitment are not yet established.



Resistors don’t test at all; they don’t even want to try. Something is holding them back- apathy, lack of interest, low energy, lack of reward, fear of failure or they feel overloaded and are unable to prioritize. They likely won’t work on the plan at first, and they may take the position that no one can make them. Generally these people work under the “victim” mentality.


These are people who have no commitment or interest in seeing that the plan succeeds and may in fact work contrary to the consensus of the group. The rebel has a very clear and strong identity. They usually are proud of this identity and want to protect and uphold it at all costs.


Real lasting and deep commitment does take time to solidify and is not going to appear overnight. Just as a farmer must plant the seeds and water them, as well as allow the warmth of the sun’s ray to do their part; so too must the Coach, plant, nourish, and provide the supporting “rays” to your partner in coaching. Developing this mindset is a very satisfying process and sets a coach-minded person up for repeated success in all of their coaching relationships.

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