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It’s All in Your Head! Part 1

I bet you have heard that expression a few times in your life, I know I have! However, when we look at the topic of Leadership, it’s not far from the truth. All too often as Leaders we have so much going on in our head that we have a hard time being able to keep our mind focused on the items that are truly important. It is crucial though that we don’t lose track of things, so we feel like we have to be mentally spread as thin as we can get. Hold on though friends! There is a remedy for this Leadership illness!! All we need to do is change a few mental processes that we have and we will be headed in the right direction! Also, we will feel less stress and our Teams will be more productive!

First, we need to look at our position, our Teams and our assignments and figure out what the end result is that we want or need. In other words, we need to begin with the end in mind. As we do this, it lays a foundation for every action that we take. Each step we take should then be a step that is in concert with the end result that we want/need to have. When conflict, crisis or a decision comes up, it becomes much easier for us to find a resolution because we know what the end result needs to be, so we choose the answer that gets us to that end target. If we are a smart Leader, we will have already conversed with our Team involving them in our end in mind process so they will know why we are making the choices we have to make. Also, it can benefit the Team as a whole and us as Leaders if the Team is involved in the process! They will begin to make small steps to change their thinking and target their results towards the end in mind as well, with just a little guidance! Always remember to ask yourself this one important question when deciding on tasks, assignments or decisions: “Which choice will get us/me a step closer to the end result we/I need?”. This should help you make more productive choices for and with your Team. Things will change for the good quickly if you consistently use this process in all you do!

In Part 2 tomorrow we will examine another critical point in our thinking that requires a bit of adjustment to align it with success! Tune in then so you can continue to grow as a Leader!!

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Welcome to Ascend Business Strategies!

We are new at this Blog process, but we catch on quick! LOL In the coming days there will be various articles about Personal Development and HR hints and tips for success. Ascend is based in Jefferson City, MO and our President is Matt Cowell. You can find more out about Ascend by visiting our website, (which will be redone shortly, so be patient if you follow this link and it is under construction.)

Here is a little bit about who Ascend is:

Matt Cowell, President of Ascend Business Strategies has been in the Leadership and Professional Training field for over 15 years designing and developing training programs to allow people to accomplish their goals. Matt serves as an adjunct professor at William Woods University in the Business Department. He has been teaching graduate and undergraduate classes for the past 7 years. Having developed and delivered many programs in areas of risk management, leadership, process improvement and performance management, Matt decided to help other companies reach their goals.

In addition to his training background, Matt has held various leadership positions in public and private organizations. Matt is also certified to teach and utilize the Extended DISC Assessment Tool. DISC is a key assessment tool helping organizations communicate effectively and deliver results.

Amy Reinkemeyer, Business Analyst with Ascend Business Strategies; has been in the Human Resource Management field for over 5 years. Amy has served in a variety of human resource rolls. She currently serves as the liaison for human resource policies, benefits, compensation, training and procedure questions. In this role she is a resource for all clients and helps to answer inquiries that are specific to many employment situations.

Amy also serves as the contact for applicants that are recruited through Ascend Business Strategies for a variety of clients. As the point of contact, Amy screens applicants based on the criteria provided by the recruiting company. This roll is an important time-saver for busy clients who need their candidates narrowed to ensure that they spend their time interviewing quality candidates.
Amy began her human resource career at Central Missouri State University where she served as a human resource clerk. There she was available to all university staff and fielded questions relating to their policies and benefits. She also assisted in developing staff orientation packets and affirmative action reports.

Rodney Long, Consultant with Ascend Business Strategies; specializes in helping people become the best they can be through personal growth classes, individual Mentoring, Leadership Coaching and Motivational Speaking. Rod draws on over 20 years of successful Business Leadership experience, which includes 10 years as an Ordained Minister. He has helped many Businesses and Churches become more productive, develop winning cultures and grow to new heights through his Coaching.

During his years of Leadership Development he has been privileged to work in varied fields and help establish great Leaders in many areas across the U.S. and Canada.  His skills in producing classes that are motivating, relational and centered on solid Business principals have been vital to his success and the success of those around him.  Rod is Certified in Extended DISC, (DISC is a key assessment tool helping organizations communicate effectively and deliver results.), and Franklin Covey.

Keep an eye out for our next post!!

Rod Long