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In the Green Room

As I sit here watching the NFL Draft I am reminded of the amazing abilities that the human mind and body can accomplish! Some of the top picks in this years draft were assembled in the Green Room prior to their selection by a Team. In the Green Room the camera would show the player with their families receiving the call of a life time. They would be picked by a Team and then be informed of it by a personal phone call. After this the player would go on the stage and be given his team cap and his new team jersey. Once the fanfare was done, the commentators would begin talking about the players strengths and his areas of needed improvement.

I guess what was driven home to me was the fact that these men, who were the TOP in their positions, powerful in what they do and a force to be reckoned with, STILL need tremendous Coaching and work! Could it possibly mean that no matter how well a person does in their job, no matter how many records they may break, they could still benefit from targeted Coaching and challenging Goals?  Many times we look at our top performers and think that they have done all they need to do, or can do. This is NOT true! It is important to remember that human nature is to relax once we have reached the top and enjoy it. It is the job of the Leader to redirect the Team Member to continued progress. Indeed the Team Member needs the accolades they deserve but don’t forget to continue to challenge and encourage them to keep reaching higher.

The Players picked in the season’s draft have no doubt done great things, but now it is a new life for them in the days to come. If you are a Leader reading this I have a question for you, “Are you continually challenging, encouraging and coaching your top performers to keep achieving new Goals?”. If you are a Team Member reading this, I have a question for you, “Are you open to continued coaching, believing that indeed, no matter how well you have done or how long you have been around, you still have things to learn and goals to accomplish?”. I hope that which ever question pertained to you, you answered yes. In the world we operate in today, we have to continue to move forward and never rest on our heels. Jobs are too hard to come by and there is a pool of talent to choose from in the event your position needs to be filled. Don’t worry about that though. Just continue to grow and never look back except to learn from your experience! See you at the Top!!!

Until next time, strive to be in the Green Room with the Top Draft Picks!!