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Adding Value

Leaders Add Value by Serving Others- The attitude of the Leader affects the entire work environment. If you desire to add value by being a resource, open and willing to serve others, you will leave a Legacy as a Leader.


Are you making things better for the people whom you lead???

  • If you can’t answer without a pause, then you likely aren’t.
  • 90% of all people who add value to others, do so intentionally. Humans are naturally selfish so adding value to others calls for the Leader to always be aware of opportunities to increase value in others.


Adding Value Changes Lives-

  • Truly Value Others– Legacy Leaders go beyond not harming others, they intentionally help others succeed. They must appreciate people for who they are, and what they bring to the mix of the work setting. This appreciation and belief must be genuinely demonstrated in ways that their Team can see.
  • Make Yourself More Valuable to Others– This takes a process of being purposeful and intentional in your own personal growth. The more you have to offer others, the more valuable you will be. Read, watch and learn!
  • Know and Relate to What Others Value– Learn what is valuable to your Team Members. This will require you to listen to their stories, hopes and dreams. Get to know the people that directly report to you, then lead based on what you have learned from them. This is not a manipulation of them, but a motivation of them.



The Story of Robert Owen:

Robert Owen (1771-1858) was an early industrialist–perhaps best known for his model textile factory and village at New Lanark Scotland. Owen developed an aid to motivation and discipline–the Silent Monitor system–which could be described as a distant ancestor of appraisal schemes in practice today. Each machine within the factory had a block of wood mounted on it with a different color–blue, yellow or red. Each day the superintendents rated the work of their subordinates and awarded each a color that was then turned to face the aisle so that everyone was able to see all ratings. His textile factory was one of the most profitable ones during this era.


It is important that the Leader recognize that adding value through an appraisal or an evaluation is a critical thing to do both in the short-term and at the 90-day mark. Employees will know they are appreciated and value can be added by using effective, accurate and informative appraisal systems.

The bottom line of a Legacy Leader is not how they advance themselves, but how far they advance others!